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This web site is designed to allow you to explore the Data Integration Toolkit to understand its wide range of capabilities.

Real-time Access to D&B Data
The Data Integration Toolkit™ (Toolkit) is an interface designed to enable access to global D&B data in real-time. Toolkit takes the complexity out of integrating data across systems and applications and offers the most flexible and cost-effective way to access and embed D&B's global data into your enterprise-wide business applications. With the Data Integration Toolkit, you gain access to over 180 million business records, driven by the power of D&B's proprietary and patent-pending DUNSRight® process, enabling you to increase the speed and accuracy of your organization's decision making.

The Data Integration Toolkit is easy to install and integrate, offering:

  • Access to D&B's global data
  • An XML-based Delivery Technology
  • Professional Service & Support
  • Pre-integrated Solutions compatible with leading ERP, CRM and e-Commerce providers including Oracle and SAP

Unparalleled Global Expertise in Managing Data
The Data Integration ToolkitTMalso provides a solution to one of the most challenging aspects of data integration - the ability to obtain consistent data from around the world, which minimizes local and regional differences, via one unified platform. Translate and share information in a choice of languages saving on the cost of managing multiple information sources, and you can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your decision making processes wherever you are doing business.

With the Data Integration Toolkit you do not change the way you do business. You just make better decisions because you have real-time access to information that helps you Decide with Confidence.

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Toolkit WSDL is here!

Toolkit transactions are now available as WSDL’s , further easing integration of D&B’s global data into your applications. For more information, contact Toolkit Tech Support or click on the GO.

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Toolkit Platform transition

We've been transitioning to a new Data Integration Toolkit platform. Click here to see the latest schedule and the Release Notes.

NEW Toolkit URL with SHA-2 certificate & TSL support- June 5, 2015

Connectivity testing starts March 11, 2015. Click here for details and FAQs. For more information, contact Toolkit Tech Support or click on the GO.